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No 50/2020 : 23 April 2020
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Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
According to Advocate General Pikamäe, the accommodation of asylum seekers in the Röszke transit zone at the Hungarian-Serbian border must be classified as ‘detention’
No 49/2020 : 23 April 2020
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Air carriers must indicate, from the first time their price offers are published on the internet, the VAT on domestic flights and the fees charged for paying by credit card
No 48/2020 : 23 April 2020
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Principles of Community law
Homophobic statements constitute discrimination in employment and occupation when they are made by a person who has or may be perceived as having a decisive influence on an employer’s recruitment policy
No 47/2020 : 8 April 2020
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Principles of Community law
Poland must immediately suspend the application of the national provisions on the powers of the Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court with regard to disciplinary cases concerning judges
No 46/2020 : 3 April 2020
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The Court of Justice of the European Union adapts in order to guarantee the continuity of the European public administration of justice
No 45/2020 : 2 April 2020
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Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
AG Campos Sánchez-Bordona: a company can be sued by the purchasers of vehicles that it manipulated before the courts of the Member State where the vehicles were purchased
No 44/2020 : 2 April 2020
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Freedom of establishment
In the opinion of Advocate General Bobek the Services Directive is applicable to the short-term letting of furnished accommodation in the peer-to-peer economy
No 43/2020 : 2 April 2020
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Freedom of establishment
The hiring out of motor vehicles equipped with radio receivers does not constitute a communication to the public subject to payment of royalties
No 42/2020 : 2 April 2020
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Freedom of movement for persons
A Member State is not entitled to refuse to pay a family allowance in respect of the child of the spouse of a frontier worker where there is no parent-child relationship with that worker
No 41/2020 : 2 April 2020
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Freedom of movement for persons
A measure allowing a Land to make the bearing of school transport costs subject to a requirement of residence in that Land constitutes indirect discrimination against cross-border workers and their families
     Case Document Date Name of the parties Subject-matter Curia EUR-Lex
C-924/19 PPU Opinion
23/04/2020 Országos Idegenrendészeti Főigazgatóság Dél-alföldi Regionális Igazgatóság
C-312/19 Opinion
23/04/2020 Valstybinė mokesčių inspekcija (Accord d’activité commune)
C-237/19 Judgment
23/04/2020 Gömböc
EUR-Lex text
C-217/19 Judgment
23/04/2020 Commission v Finland (Chasse printanière à l’eider à duvet mâle)
EUR-Lex text
C-161/19 Judgment
23/04/2020 Commission v Austria (Chasse printanière à la bécasse des bois)
EUR-Lex text
C-101/19 Judgment
23/04/2020 DHU Arzneimittel
EUR-Lex text
C-93/19 P Opinion
23/04/2020 EEAS v Hebberecht
C-77/19 Opinion
23/04/2020 Kaplan International colleges UK
C-73/19 Opinion
23/04/2020 Movic and Others
C-44/19 Opinion
23/04/2020 Repsol Petróleo
C-28/19 Judgment
23/04/2020 Ryanair
EUR-Lex text
C-806/18 Opinion
23/04/2020 JZ (Peine de prison en cas d’interdiction d‘entrée)
C-743/18 Opinion
23/04/2020 Elme Messer Metalurgs
C-736/18 P Judgment
23/04/2020 Gugler France v Gugler and EUIPO
EUR-Lex text
C-710/18 Judgment
23/04/2020 Land Niedersachsen (Périodes antérieures d’activité pertinente)
EUR-Lex text
C-681/18 Opinion
23/04/2020 KG (Missions successives dans le cadre du travail intérimaire)
C-640/18 Judgment
23/04/2020 Wagram Invest
EUR-Lex text
C-521/18 Opinion
23/04/2020 Pegaso and Sistemi di Sicurezza
C-507/18 Judgment
23/04/2020 Associazione Avvocatura per i diritti LGBTI
EUR-Lex text
C-461/18 P Opinion
23/04/2020 Changmao Biochemical Engineering v Distillerie Bonollo and Others et Conseil
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