Prof.Univ. Dr. Liviu Bogdan Ciuca and his vision for the Romanian Academy of Legal Sciences

Photo: Prof. Univ.Dr. Liviu Bogdan Ciuca

The President of the Romanian Academy of Legal Sciences is elected following elections and he is the predecessor of illustrious presidents of the academy and wants the best and best for the institution.

“An academy is not a professional association or federation, a trade union for promoting and defending group social interests, but a forum for recognizing and consecrating the work and contribution of a personality to the development of a field of knowledge and/or creation. From this perspective, the difficulties of appointing members of a legal academy are even more numerous, due to the ambivalent status of the lawyer and his professional-intellectual concerns.”

A meeting with the president is one full of humor, seriousness, vision and why not an appeal to the ethics and reputation of the profession.

The coagulation of legal science around the Academy of Legal Sciences is the goal and desideratum of President Ciuca because he himself is a man who has gone through all phases of the profession. Starting from politics, the legal committee of the Romanian Parliament, the presidency of the Union of Juries, the Chamber of Notaries Public and other prestigious organizations of the legal profession.

Soon we will hear better and better news about the Romanian Academy of Legal Sciences and President Ciuca. We invite you to be part of the evolution of this academy and witness a successful mandate.


Robert Williams



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