#Breaking: #Romania – Protest by romanian lawyers against the judiciary and the High Court of Cassation and Justice


DNA, condamnata pentru "incatusare excesiva" | Ziarul NationalBritish News Agency News247WorldPress reported in recent days the tense situation following the conviction of a lawyer in the case, “Baneasa Farm”
The lawyer Robert Rosu was condemned which attracted the protests of his colleagues as well as professional organizations (UNBR, Bucharest Bar) as well as from the country . Following the appeal made by the Bucharest Bar of Lawyers, lawyers have gathered to protest against the High Court of Cassation and Justice, against skidding and other complaints encountered in the legal profession in Romania.


The Bucharest Bar of Lawyers issued a communiqué expressing its disappointment and clarifying the next steps in the fight with the High Court of Cassation and Justice and the Justice System.

,,The Bucharest Bar Council took note, with deep concern for the free exercise of the legal profession, about the sentence of imprisonment, with execution, of a lawyer from the Bucharest Bar, acquitted at first instance of the charges brought by prosecutors.
According to publicly available information, the allegations against the lawyer consisted of being complicit in abuse of office and involved in an organised criminal group, contributing to both offences consisting in the pursuit of activities specific to the legal profession, by means of notifications, drafting documents and assisting the client before a public institution.” Link https://www.baroul-bucuresti.ro/stire/pozitia-baroului-bucuresti-cu-privire-la-condamnarea-unui-avocat

,, Bucharest Bar Council, meeting at the extraordinary meeting of 19 December 2020:
– analyzing the situation created by the conviction of two lawyers from the Bucharest Bar for committing crimes in the exercise of the profession:
– having regard to the possibility that acts of lawful exercise of the client’s assistance and representation may be regarded as criminal offences, recognising the independence of the judiciary and the obligation to reserve, until the reasons for a judgment have been made, recognising as essential, in a democratic society, the freedom of expression of the lawyer,
– the submission of an application to the ICCJ for legal measures to comply with the legal time limit for the reasons for the judgment given in question, which would expire on 16 January 2021;
– the provision of free legal assistance to the two lawyers in any judicial and administrative proceedings in connection with the case;

Now at this time posting live images from the protest of Romanian lawyers at the headquarters of the Bucharest Palace of Justice

Read more https://news247wp.com/2020/12/20/breaking-reactions-of-journalists-and-lawyers-outraged-by-the-decision-to-convict-lawyer-robertrosu-by-the-high-court-of-cassation-and-justice-of-romania/


Image may contain: 3 people, people standing, text that says 'aauastofer walaforideRott! "Avocații nu vor fi identificați cu clienții sau cu cauzele clienților atunci când își exercită atribuțiile lor profesionale" (Art. 18 al Principiilor de bază ale Rolului Avocatului, adoptate la Congresul al optulea al Națiunilor #alAturiw Unite despre Prevenirea Crimei și a Tratamentului Delicvenților, Havana (Cuba), 27 august septembrie 1990). #alăturideRobert'No description available.

Photo:  Av Liviu Pacev. Av. Gabi Bratucu

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