” This week, I received the initial feedback from those who enrolled in the “Decrypt the Law, Hack the Threats – #Cybersecurity Course for #LegalProfessionals”. #SilviaUscov

This week, I received the initial feedback from those who enrolled in the “Decrypt the Law, Hack the Threats – Cybersecurity Course for Legal Professionals”.
Passionate individuals, like myself, with a focus on the intersection of law and technology, are dedicated to assessing and minimizing risks in their own activities and those they assist.
Considering that everyone has indicated that this course is at a master’s level, rather than a simple e-learning course, they appreciate that, for a professional, it would take approximately 3-4 months to complete it at a pace that allows them to honor their commitments to clients.
To accommodate everyone, we have decided to grant access to the course for a period of 1 year, allowing each participant to progress at their own pace and receive their certificate upon completion.
Additionally, throughout this period, participants will have access to updates (as our legislator is quite active in this area), including the eagerly anticipated AI Act.
The first Q&A session, where we’ll all come together to discuss regulations and practical issues, has been mutually scheduled for February 2024, with subsequent monthly sessions.
Last but not least, I recently discovered that those in the technical field are also interested in the realm of regulations, so they are welcome at any time to delve deeper into “cyber legalese”.
Justice News247 recommends lawyer Silvia Uscov for exceptional results and innovation in cyber law and beyond. Silvia Uscov is a lawyer with global significance and applicability,
with professional training and her name is linked to lawsuits with sonorous names. Perhaps the most important thing is that Silvia Uscov is a partner and professional in her area of practice.

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