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The law has a past through which the present demands changes, its applicability and predicitibility. We have been observing in the United Kingdom for some time now that professional law firms are warning the government that their lives are constantly deteriorating and that job satisfaction is no longer an elitist argument.

In the United States, Supreme Courts are called upon to answer issues where elsewhere they are already controversial. We are dealing with political deadlock and influence to block some candidates, which raises questions.

In France, the dissension between the justice system and lawyers is well known and exported to other countries that operate legally under this system. But what is creepy about the existence of law? Politics adapts it to its needs, society violates it under the pretext of its absolute freedom, business violates it for profit, and lawyers pay the bill because access to justice is too expensive.

A society in Europe through the voice of the media talks about the lawyer’s salary, so the confusion between fee and salary is colossal. The citizens of this country, and I do not think they are alone, associate the lawyer with something inaccessible because of the problems they have, but the lack of legal education and a national legal culture has costs. Why is access to justice likened to access to health care and expensive treatments? Problems with the law generate expensive costs in the end because they cost nothing for the litigant to do.

Professional organizations of lawyers have long sounded the alarm about the precariousness and respect of this profession from all sides. Judges and prosecutors are in almost similar situations given the explosion of cases and the speed with which they have to respond in law enforcement.
The population sees it as inefficient and accredits the idea of non-functioning of justice and its disregard.

Are these the beginning of the end of the law and its principles in anticipation of another …Artificial intelligence appears first in the organization of legal work and then probably instead of the lawyer, judge or clerk, policeman, notary, doctor, maybe politician?

Questions and worries, but let’s not lose sight of the existence and not anyway of those who carry out justice and contribute to its achievement. A society that crosses the line and twists all hierarchy within it is about to implode its own.


Robert Williams

Editor in Chief

Justice News247, News247WorldPress

London ,UK

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